Why Is Brother Printer Not Printing Black

If Any Text Or Image Can Be Viewed And Another Issue Appears, I.e.

I replaced all the cartridges and they all work except the. Gray background, horizontal or vertical lines, refer. Open the front cover, and the display will show front cover is open.

Do One Of The Following:

If you are a windows user, select the ‘print’ command in your application and ensure your printer is selected. Make sure your printer is plugged in and turned on. To do a hard restart, turn off the printer, unplug from the power source and disconnect the usb from the computer.

Go To The Ecology Section And Choose “Sleep Time.”.

Is your brother printer also printing blank pages? Now, use the arrow keys and explore the options. First verify the position of the ink cartridges:

Wait For A Couple Of Minutes And Then Reconnect All Together And Turn The.

Starting from the left side, the correct order is. In addition to the ink levels, there are. Start the program on your.

The Machine Begins Printing The Print Quality Check Sheet.

The printer was working fine on my old. So, a proper alignment is necessary. Determine which colors are affected by printing a print quality check sheet (pqcs).

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