How To Change Toner For Brother Printer

Pull The Drum Unit Out Of The Machine Until It Stops.

Hold the drum unit's green handle. First, turn on your printer and press the ‘fax’ option on the printer. Insert the toner and drum cartridge unit into the machine.

Printers Aren't Just For Printing Anymore.

Video contents may change without prior notice. Select yes and press the “. Click back and go buttons together.

Press The Clear / Back Button.

Press ok after making your choice. Unpack the new toner cartridge. Unpack the new toner cartridge.

Leave The Machine On For At Least 10 Minutes To Cool Down.

> for the order number (order no.) of the toner cartridge, click here to see the consumables & options page. Use a suitable tool (tweezers, key, etc.) to rotate the drive gear on the left of. Choose the correct size and color of the toner cartridge you want to reset.

Gently Close The Front Cover Of The Printer.

Install the toner & drum back into the printer. Open the cover of your brother printer and take out the new toner cartridge you insert. Make sure the machine is powered on.

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